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About Me

Hello, my name is Jeff and I am a photographer from New Hampshire. I also do a lot of shooting in New York City. Thank you for dropping by!


I incorporate many different styles of shooting in my work.  Sometimes I use a journalistic approach, capturing decisive moments in candid fashion.  Other times I direct my clients to into poses that highlight their best features and accentuate their personality.  In the studio, I incorporate lighting techniques that create mood and drama.  I enjoy experiential projects such as “painting” with light in total darkness, sometimes with models and sometimes with objects in order to achieve abstract effects.  My macro photography work with water droplets is also very popular.  I am big a fan of hip hop culture and enjoy shooting b-boys and b-girls (breakdancers) with graffiti backdrops.  Action photography is a love of mine and I especially enjoy capturing skate boarders and BMX riders in mid-air.  As an educator of young people, I have a lot of experience working with kids and can put them at ease when I am behind the camera.  Whatever your photographic needs might be, I am here to collaborate with you in order to achieve the vision you have for your shoot.  People say that I am laid back and easy to work with.  Photoshoots should be as fun as they are creative!  I hope to work with you one day soon! 

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